The Guys

All about the Guys in the Bridal Party

Daniel… Best Man

Daniel has been my close friend that I’ve known

since high school. We’ve done a lot of things together

and I will be greatly honoured to have my best man by my side.






Michael… Groomsman

Micheal, I’ve only known you for a little while

but I’ve gotten to know what a cool rad guy you are.

It’s really good to call you friend.






Aaron… Groomsman

Aaron is a great man, which I found

that out during the last five years. It’s

going to be great to have him as a brother.






Connor… Groomsman

Connor is a very good young man with a

kind heart.

It is great to have met this young man.






Ezra… The most handsome Son

Ezra is my brilliant and wonderful son.

I am so lucky to have him in my life.