The Girls

All about the Girls in the Bridal Party

Paig… Maid of Honour

My sister Paig and I may not always see eye to eye

but the bond we share is like no other.

She has been there through all of my major milestones

and I could not imagine saying ‘I do’ without her by my side.





Abbie and I have shared so much in our

13 years of friendship.

I knew that first day of Sose when we bonded over an

inappropriate comment that Abbie made that we

would be best friends forever.





Sam… Bridesmaid

I met Sam through work and I am so blessed

that I did. We bonded instantly and our friendship

has only gotten stronger since then.

My girl, the ying to my yang, my forever friend.






Lateisha… Bridesmaid

My beautiful Niece Lateisha and I have always

had such a close bond.

I am so grateful that she has agreed to stand

with me on one the most important days of my life.



What about these gorgeous little Flower Girls..

Krystal  &  Killara… Flower Girls


My beautiful neices Krystal a.k.a- Boss baby and Killara a.k.a- Lala.

You are both so much fun and I am truly blessed to be surrounded

by Nieces and Nephews that I truly adore so much.